12 things that your baby doesn't need

Date Posted:5 January 2018 

buy what your baby need.

12 Baby Products You Will Never Actually Need

It's no secret that babies come with a lot of stuff. Some of it's necessary (hello, diapers), some of it's handy (we're looking at you, eight-pack of pacifiers, and don't think we forgot about you, infant swing), but a lot of it is a downright waste of money. Whether manufacturers slapped the word "baby" in front of a product you probably already own or they made up a whole new device you never realized you didn't need, we've rounded up 12 items you — and your baby — can certainly do without.

1Video Monitors

Video Monitors


Tech-savvy parents salivate over these gadgets, but even the cheapest ones run more than $200, and that's a lot of diapers. Plus, exhausted parents should take the time when their baby is sleeping to do anything except stare at their baby.

2Bedding Sets

Bedding Sets

Avoid the allure of a crib bedding set — which often comes with a quilt, crib guard, window valances, and countless other decorations. Most of those items you won't need, and several of them actually aren't supposed to be used if you are following SIDS-prevention protocol. You can buy 10 fitted sheets for the same price, and you'll be glad you have extras of those when your baby wets the bed for the second time in one night.

3Baby Coats

Baby Coats

Unless you have a Winter baby in Alaska, you shouldn't need more than a few warm layers and a good blanket. Plus, most puffy baby coats — as cute as they look all bundled up — aren't compliant with car seats. And isn't that the only time you'd want them to wear it?

4Changing Tables

Changing Tables

Aesthetically, your nursery might look great with a changing table, but generally, it's not the wisest of investments because of its shelf life. Opt to set up a changing pad atop a dresser, a piece of furniture your baby won't outgrow.

5Bottle Warmers

Bottle Warmers


If you have a faucet that runs hot water, you already own a bottle warmer. Simply holding a bottle under the stream, or in a cup of hot water, will warm your bottle up in less than a few minutes.

6Baby-Food Makers

Baby-Food Makers

If you have a blender or a food processor, you already own a baby-food maker — it's literally the same mechanics. Why take up more precious kitchen countertop space with another clunky appliance?

7Wipes Warmers

Wipes Warmers

If you were to do a comparison, most babies would likely prefer a warm wipe to a cool one. Who wouldn't? But, your baby was basically born yesterday and doesn't know any different.

8Baby Nose Wipes

Baby Nose Wipes

If you have baby wipes, you already own baby nose wipes.

9Peepee Teepees

Peepee Teepees

Image Source: Amazon

A true gimmick, it's certainly a baby shower crowd-pleaser. Who wouldn't want to prevent pee in the eye during a diaper change?! Still, it's a pretty useless invention. Covering a baby boy's privates with a baby wipe works just as well, and you aren't then left with a urine-soaked cloth cone that you have to wash.

10Diaper Pails

Diaper Pails


Unless you plan to fill this up to the brim before taking it out to the dumpster, any other closed trash bin will do. For best results, buy a stick-on air freshener to adhere to the inside of the lid to help with escaping odors.

11Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes

Yes, they are so cute, but seeing as babies don't do any walking until they are at least 9 months, those newborn Converse sneakers or Timberland boots are really just for appearances. In fact, they're barely even for appearances because, as hard as they can be to get on a baby's foot, they fall off within minutes.

12Newborn Clothes (Especially Anything With Buttons)

Newborn Clothes (Especially Anything With Buttons)

Babies grow fast, making newborn clothes — especially an outfit that is more than one piece — a pretty moot invention. In fact, some newborns outgrow the "NB size" clothing while still in utero! Not only that, complicated three-piece outfits aren't practical, whereas one-piece sleepers are most helpful in the early days, especially during 2 a.m. diaper changes. And if something has to be fastened, many parents agree that zippers (sorry, snaps and buttons) are the only way to go.


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