Nair Salon Divine Facial Sensitive Wax 100G For Facial And Delicate Areas

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Nair Salon Divine Facial Sensitive Wax 100G For Facial And Delicate Areas



For Facial And Delicate Areas.


Read enclosed instructions carefully before using this product. Heat: Heat the wax in the microwave (900 watt) as follows: Full tub: 1 minute &20 seconds. Half tub: 1 minute. Take extreme caution not to overheat. Never leave the heating wax unattended. Never heat for more than 80 seconds. Follow the enclosed instructions exactly to avoid any risk of burning. Leave to stand: in the microwave for 2 minutes. Mix: After heating, use the wooden spatula to mix the wax until it is smooth and uniform and the ideal consistency of thick creamy honey. Test a small quantity of the wax on your wrist to check that the temperature is comfortable before hair removal. Apply: Use the edge of the spatula to spread a thin and even layer of wax, 1 to 2mm thick in the direction of hair growth. Remove hair: Wait for 20 seconds until wax has hardened into a strip. Pull up the edge of the strip and remove the thin strip of wax quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Do not leave wax on the skin for more than one minute.


Kit contains: Wax tub. Wooden spatula. 2 Aftercare wipes. Instruction leaflet. Wax Ingredients: Modified colophonium, paraffin, hydrogenated butylene/ethylene/styrene, copolymer, orchis mascula, isopropyl myristate, BHT, parfum, CI77891, CI77019, CI17200. Aftercare Wipe Ingredients: Paraffinum liquidum, octyl stearate, cetearyl octanoate, isopropyl myristate, bisabolol, chamomilla recutita, propylparaben, perfume.


Patch test before each use by applying the product to a small part of the area where hair is to be removed. Follow directions and wait 24 hours. If skin appears normal, proceed. Never reapply wax on the same area within a 24 hour period. As with any wax treatment, some discomfort may be experienced. Your skin may turn slightly red for a short time after treatment. This is normal and will soon disappear. If the skin to be treated is not held taut, and the wax is not zipped or pulled back very fast and close to the skin, then a pinching effect may be felt, a wax residue will remain on the skin or worse, skin could be removed resulting in injury. Read the instructions carefully, proceed at all times with caution. Do not use in conventional or toaster over or in saucepan of hot water. Microwaves vary in power output so heating guidelines are an indication only. Take extreme caution when warming the wax not to overheat. Never leave the heating wax unattended. Remember the tub containing the wax will also become hot therefore we recommend placing the tub on a microwave plate. Remember to use caution when handling, testing or applying the wax. If it is too hot it could cause you serious injury. Avoid spilling wax. Do not use product in the area of the eye. Wax should not be used by people suffering from diabetes or circulatory problems or on areas with varicose veins, moles and warts. Do not wax inside nose or ears, on nipples, perianal, vaginal/genital areas or eyelashes. Do not use on irritated, inflamed or broken skin. Not suitable for people with extra sensitive or problem skin. Not recommended for the elderly or people with loose skin. Do not apply wax over sunburned, chapped, broken or sore skin, cuts, weak scars or eczema. Do not use immediately after a bath. Do not sunbathe 24 hours before waxing or 24 hours after waxing. Do not ingest. Failure to follow these warning may result in severe skin irritation, skin removal, burns or other injury. Keep out of reach of children.


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